With the digitial era there have been significant developments in the way automation controllers have evolved. We can now control a varied and all operational conditions for hydro power plants. To grasp a complete view of our product and technical capabilities its essential to understand

(1) Components of a Governor Control System (GCS)

1. Turbine control board consisting of digital governor for automatic starting & stoppung sequence of turbine

2. Hydraulic pumping unit for guide vane, runner blade, breaks, by pass to main inlet and main inlet valve operation

3. Guide Vane servomotor

4. Feedback transducer with connector for guide vane servomotor & runner blade servomotor

5. Speed monitor & sensors

6. Proportionate valve for guide vane and runner blade

7. Water level sensors & Monitor

Closed Loop Governor Control System

(2) Core Functions

The inherent functions of Heinzmann Controller are:

1. Starting ramp for Turbine speed to reach speed set point.


2. Turbine over speed protection


3. Emergency shutdown in case of severe faults.


4. Water level dependent limitations.


5. Automatic remote or local operation


6. Fault processing

(3) Our Product Salient Features

1. Electronic Processor is very fast and accurate and, hence ensures better control.

2. There are no moving or rotating parts (like Gears, Shafts, Rods, Flyweights, linkages etc.) hence, no backlash in the feedback mechanism and in the Governor moving parts. This ensures that the repeatability of Governor does not change with time due to wear and fatigue.

3. Command signal and the feedback mechanism is through the electrical signal (Typically 4 – 20 mA), hence no elaborate linkage mechanism is required.

4. The versatility of this governor can be even used for the control of auxiliary besides controlling the Turbines.

5. The output from the governor is given to high response, Hydraulic System. This ensures faster Governor response and accurate control.

6.The Governor can be programmed to control the turbine based on changes in the available head.

7. In case of Turbine develops faults, the control system acts fast and shuts down the machine as quick as possible reducing the risk of damage to machine components.

Automation Design Range for Turbines

A representation of the range of turbines for which our automation soultion can be applied

Automation Installed Range for Turbines

A representation of the range of turbines which we have successfully installed

Research & Development As technocrats we are always on the look out to improve our product and solutions. We have a dedicate team to cater to upcoming industry needs and deficients in the hydro automation world. Our recent developments have been Our innovations include cost-effective, robust, and accurate “Fail Safe Digital Governing System”. We offer: Speed Control, Position control,kWControl & Water Level Control configuration modes, and has option for Single pushbutton Unit start, synchronizing and pre-loading upto base load in auto mode and the next developemt focus is to a) design & development of model for the variable speed turbines for upto 2 MW b) SPETIAL STOP - This type of stop will be initiated (Digital Input) by some of our electrical faults or intentionally by operator.


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