Hydro power projects.. One of the most useful conversions of natures available potent energy is Hydro Power Energy. Nower days its a common endeavour to develop green and clean solutions, hydro power being one of the emerging ones. As we tap this potent energy we must understand that energy needs control, hence automation and control systems.

Why is turbine management required ? The process of harnessing potent hydro energy to generate power needs complex designing and systems. Turbine system being the most crucial component that determines the efficient and success of the plant. With these huge systems its essential to have control & automation systems to cater to emergency conditions. Hence turbine management is one the key designs that must be considered right from the conceptualization of hydro plants.


The first generation of controllers was of ANALOG type. With the onset of digital era we have upgraded and evoloved to more sophisticated DIGITAL type controllers. Projects executed using the Analog controller are still running successfully across the country. Please see list of successfully comissioned projects of ANALOG type CONTROLLERS.



Are ;

(1) Electronic Processor is very fast and accurate and, hence ensures better control.

(2) There are no moving or rotating parts (like Gears, Shafts, Rods, Flyweights, linkages etc.) hence, no backlash in the feedback mechanism and in the Governor moving parts. This ensures that the repeatability of Governor does not change with time due to wear and fatigue.

(3) The output from the governor is given to high response, Hydraulic System. This ensures faster Governor response and accurate control.

(4) The Governor can be programmed to control the turbine based on changes in the available head.

Please see list of successfully comissioned projects of DIGITAL type CONTROLLERS.


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